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Since 2005, we’ve been empowering local businesses to find customers and thrive. As seasoned experts in magazine advertising, local advertising, and connecting businesses with their communities, our directories have become a local must-have. Residents frequently express their enjoyment of browsing through our magazines, discovering and supporting local businesses. But our commitment doesn’t end there! We offer comprehensive services, including designing, printing, and distributing your leaflets to homes within our extensive 324,000 catchment area. Our dedicated team, well-versed in local marketing strategies, is ready to assist you. If you have a local advertising project in mind, call us today and let’s bring your vision to life!


6 reasons why we're the right choice for your business


You can cherry pick the best local areas to suit your business!

If one local area is all you need then that’s all you pay for. But, if you want more, just cherry pick the best areas and take advantage of our great multiple booking discounts giving you a wider, more any other magazine!


You can choose any two magazines from our 55 local areas and you get a third one

*Based on current rate card prices only on a minimum booking period of two issues.


Advanced distribution system

Fully GPS Tracked!

You’ll get in front of the right customers with the right frequency. Our unique, tried and tested distribution system has proven since 2005 to get the best response rate ever. This ensures the widest coverage in the most cost effective way ensuring optimum return on your investment. Plus, all of our Distributors are fully GPS tracked to give you peace of mind!


Loved by locals!

Local residents have been receiving our magazines for over 19 years and the response has been fantastic! They really look forward to each issue and just love using the businesses in the magazines. In short, we’re the widest read publications in the area.


It really works!

Red Rose Directories, the pioneers in magazine advertising, boast a 17-year legacy of delivering outstanding results for businesses. Join us for effective local advertising in respected areas. Our advertisers stay with us, testament to the success and affordability of our magazine advertising solutions.


Leaflet distribution

You can get your leaflets and brochures hand delivered by the same professional delivery team that distributes Red Rose Directories and all GPS tracked!

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How do I know which size advert is right for my business?

An Eighth Page Ad is our economy ad, which can include basic information such as logo, contact details and one or two bullet points

A Quarter Page Ad is suitable for a small business that just wants enough business to tick over. i.e. A ‘One Man Band’ Tradesman.

A Half Page Ad is best for a small business that wants very good exposure in the area and a high response rate.

A Full Page Ad is great for a medium business wanting high exposure

A Double Page Ad is great for advertorials or businesses that want to showcase numerous products or images

Prime Pages (Front, Back, Inside Front & Back , Page 3 and Centre Pages) are for Businesses wanting maximum exposure with excellent brand recognition.